LOGbinder Newsletter, March 2016 – Few things are more important to organizations than monitoring what's happening to its sensitive information. You should expect a SIEM solution to make it easy for customers to do that, and to continually update and improve this ability.

While most of our readers are familiar with the major SIEM players who work with LOGbinder, many periodically review their SIEM, and still others are looking to deploy one that suits their need.

This week we heard from 2 SIEM product development teams who recently put a lot of work into improving their product to address customers' application audit needs.

  • Intel Security's McAfee ESM just updated their integration for all 3 LOGbinder solutions. McAfee ESM customers now have seamless access to the security events LOGbinder collects from Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. Get more information on the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager web page or download their SIEM Data Source Configuration for LOGbinder (18 March 2016 version).
  • Logsign, a SIEM solution based in Turkey, has developed an integration with LOGbinder for SQL Server. They report tremendous customer interest in SQL Server audit logging and recognized LOGbinder's solution as the best fit. We're happy to welcome Logsign to our list of SIEM Synergy partners! Read more about Logsign at www.logsign.com.

Please join us to recognize McAfee ESM and Logsign for giving priority to application security audit with LOGbinder integration! We really appreciate the effort, but more important, their customers' threat intelligence just got better.

There are of course other SIEM providers who put effort into offering their customers LOGbinder integration. Randy Franklin Smith from Ultimate Windows Security has compiled a list of the log management solutions that make it simple and painless to consume Exchange, SharePoint and/or SQL Server audit logs. You can browse his list here: https://www.ultimatewindowssecurity.com/recommended-SIEMs/Default.aspx. Note: the SIEMs who proactively built their own LOGbinder integrations are at the top of the list.

LOGbinder licenses survive SIEM migrations

All our licenses are perpetual – you pay only once for them. Which is great if you migrate to another SIEM. Because of this, LOGbinder continues to add value to the Security Operations Center long after the purchase.

We get questions from time to time about how our solutions are licensed. The information is posted on our website, but here it is for quick reference:

LOGbinder's license is based on a metric that we can validate programmatically without site audits or a complicated update and upgrade process.

Security Auditing is a Global Language

Our sales guy has been saying this for a while: LOGbinder is a global solution. Customers are installing LOGbinder on every continent on Earth – in small server rooms, large data centers, and in monstrous multi-national redundant data centers. Calls and emails come in at all hours of the clock. And we love that. Just this month we've had sales and support communication from people in more than 20 countries on every continent, except Antarctica for some reason. :-)

It is good to reflect on the sense of community that those of us in the InfoSec space enjoy. No matter the tongue, the language of security and audit logging is the same. We hear about challenges to application security audit in different accents every day. And it makes us happy to hear that we care about the same thing.

Be assured that we remain committed to high security values, and continue to work hard to bring best-of-breed solutions to your SIEMs.

Thank you for sharing your experience, for your hard work to protect sensitive information, and thank you for your support!

Give us feedback. We'd love to hear about your log management challenges and observations. Send questions or comments to zself@logbinder.com.  Find answers to common questions on our website, www.logbinder.com, along with white papers and free downloads.

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