LOGbinder and Prism Microsystems EventTracker: Better Together

Prism Microsystems EventTracker and LOGbinder have partnered together to provide an end-to-end SharePoint audit solution. By integrating Prism's EventTracker with LOGbinder for SharePoint, it is now possible to correlate SharePoint audit data with all the logs you manage with EventTracker. This integration eliminates the need to build your own rules and reports for handling LOGbinder for SharePoint events.

With EventTracker, there’s no need to build your own rules and reports for handling LOGbinder for SharePoint events because the folks at Prism have already done this for you!

More about Prism EventTracker

EventTracker allows you to effectively manage your systems and provides operational efficiencies – reducing IT costs and freeing resources for other duties that increase the business value of your organization. EventTracker’s built-in knowledge pack enables you to gather business intelligence providing increased security, performance, availability, and reliability of your systems.

With EventTracker you can monitor all of your servers running SharePoint from a single view. EventTracker checks the status and availability of SharePoint Servers, critical server processes, and it centrally consolidates all the event logs. Through consolidated logging you can monitor the performance, availability, and security of your servers running SharePoint, alerting you to events that have a direct impact on server availability while filtering out events that require no action. Through alerts, knowledge base solutions, and reports, EventTracker helps you correct problems long before a catastrophic failure occurs. EventTracker also includes reports that allow you to summarize server availability.

SharePoint Events Pre-Built Alerts and Reports!

As a SIEM Synergy Partner, Prism EventTracker has integrated the alerts and reports you need for monitoring SharePoint security activity supplied by LOGbinder for SharePoint.

Just install EventTracker agent to start collecting events from the LOGbinder SP event log. In minutes you will be monitoring SharePoint audit events in real-time.

Download the "Monitoring SharePoint 2007/2010 Server using EventTracker" whitepaper to see how to get started.