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If this is a quote request, please include the number of licensed units in the form below. Pricing is based on a number of units: in SharePoint it’s the number of servers in each farm, Exchange licensing is based on the total number of active mailboxes in the Exchange organization and SQL licensing is based on the number of SQL Server instances.

While LOGbinder for SharePoint uses server quantity as the metric for licensing, the actual LOGbinder for SharePoint collector need only be installed on a single server in order to fully audit farm activity. For example, a farm with 2 web front-end servers, 2 application servers, 1 central admin server and 1 dedicated SQL server would require 6 licenses.

There are two options to get an accurate server count from the SharePoint farm. Before contacting LOGbinder sales, please have the number of farm servers available by using one of the two following options:

1. Using PowerShell: Get-SPServer | ft Address, Role, TypeName
2. From SharePoint Central Administration: Click on Manage servers in this farm under the System Settings section.

If this is a tech support question, please stop and visit our support page instead. Our developers monitor and respond quickly!


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