Today every endpoint is a target. In the past 8 years the worst intrusions have all started on a seemingly unimportant PC.

And spread from there.

To catch attacks early you must cast a wide net. But most organizations are still struggling to collect security logs from all their servers – let alone workstations.

The indicators are there in the logs of every Windows computer on and off your network.

And you probably have a SIEM or log management solution ready and willing to troll through those events and find the needle in the haystack.

But getting those logs from your thousands of servers and workstations to the SIEM continues to be a vexing problem.

The challenge in Windows Event Collection.

Traditionally there've been only 2 ways to get Windows logs to your SIEM or log management solution. Agents. Or Polling.

Either one works in small controlled situations. Neither works well the real world of large networks, mobile laptops and hundreds or thousands of endpoints.

Nobody likes agents. Agents require monitoring and troubleshooting. Agents take resources. Agents have to be installed. And updated.

And polling? Polling is inefficient. Polling requires you to open up endpoints to incoming connections. Nobody likes polling.

For decades Linux and UNIX have had syslog. Syslog isn't perfect but it's there and it's used.

Windows has Windows Event Collection. Windows Event Collection is nearly perfect. But it's not used. Until now...

The Solution.

The Solution: Supercharger for Windows Event Collection

Supercharger for Windows Event Collection unleashes the power and simplicity of Windows Event Collection.

Windows Event Collection eliminates polling and agents. WEC is built into Windows. It's already there on every system on your network. There's no agent to install. But it's even more efficient than an agent. And forget about polling. Instead optimize endpoints to send the important events and leave the noise behind.

But if Windows Event Collection is great, why aren't more organizations already using it?

WEC, like many other features in Windows, is a foundation technology. Microsoft built an industrial strength, flexible and efficient event log forwarding core. But you were on your own when it came to bringing together all the pieces required to get WEC running. And being a core technology, there are gaps in management, health monitoring and capacity planning.

Supercharger for Windows Event Collection bridges those gaps giving you instant control and visibility into Windows Event Collection.

If you've put off leveraging Windows Event Collection to improve security and catch bad guys faster, wait no longer. If you're already climbed the initial learning curve and implemented Windows Event Collection, Supercharger will improve your WEC implementation and give you time and resources back to fight back harder against cyber criminals and spies.

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