Our Philosophy

Get to know us, we’re an infosec company driven by a few core principles:

Prime Directive: Preserve audit log integrity

Audit logs are useless if they are incomplete or inaccurate. We want to give you an effective deterrent/detective control over privileged users because at the end of the day audits logs are the only real control you have over the people you trust with admin authority. And we don’t want your logs thrown out of court.

Hence our Prime Directive. Maybe having a Prime Directive is a little geeky but we want you to know that everything takes a back seat to that. Some applications do generate useless “noise” events but you are the only one that can decide to discard those events – therefore we make that option clearly visible in the configuration settings.


We don’t try to be all things to everyone; our target users are security operations centers who have log management, SIEM and/or Big Data Security Analytics solutions and who see the need to fill the application security intelligence gap. We believe it’s better to solve a problem and solve it completely, but avoid re-inventing the wheel. So we help you get application audit logs to where they belong – your SIEM/BDSA. End of story.

Least privilege

Our software is a security solution for infosec professionals, designed by an infosec professional. So we get least privilege and the need for it. Our software uses only the least privileges actually required by the application, nothing more. If the application supports it, we do not need privileged/admin authority. For instance, with LOGbinder SQL for SQL Server we need no (as in zero or 0) permissions to your production database servers. We don’t even send them a packet.

Low impact

We understand that you may not be the application administrator. We understand that application admins and database admins don’t like agents and are nervous about anything that could impact performance or stability. That’s why none of our products require agents to be installed on your production servers and why we do everything possible to minimize the impact on your environment.