LOGbinder and LogRhythm: Better Together

Automatic dashboards and security event intelligence are built-in for LOGbinder customers using LogRhythm

Getting the audit data from Exchange and SharePoint Server isn’t straightforward. It’s a simple requirement but a complex challenge. This problem isn’t unique to LogRhythm; all SIEMs require solid middleware to bridge the gap to Exchange and SharePoint Server.

LOGbinder for SharePoint and LOGbinder for Exchange exist to collect and deliver the applications’ security audit log events to LogRhythm.

LogRhythm and LOGbinder have partnered to provide a solution for auditing Exchange and SharePoint servers. LogRhythm has created a custom integration to LOGbinder for Exchange and LOGbinder for SharePoint, making it possible to correlate Exchange and SharePoint audit data with all the other logs you monitor with LogRhythm.

LogRhythm's knowledge engineering has built intelligence about application security audit events and normalizes this data so that it is easy to correlate it with the rest of your enterprise audit trail.

With LogRhythm, there’s no need to build your own rules and reports for handling LOGbinder’s Exchange and SharePoint event outputs because the folks at LogRhythm have already done this for you!

More about LogRhythm

LogRhythm combines next-gen SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics with Endpoint Monitoring and Network Forensics into a unified Security Intelligence Platform. The LogRhythm solution gives visibility into threats and risks in areas that were previously exposed. Designed to help prevent breaches before they happen, LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform accurately detects an extensive range of early indicators of compromise, enabling rapid response and mitigation. The visibility and understanding delivered by LogRhythm empowers enterprises to secure their networks and comply with regulatory requirements. LogRhythm delivers:

  • Independent Endpoint Forensics and File Integrity Monitoring
  • Network Forensics with Application ID and Full Packet Capture
  • Contextualized, Unstructured, and Precision Search
  • Large data set analysis via visual analytics, pivot, and drill-down
  • Incident response automation with SmartResponse™
  • End-to-end incident response orchestration

Here are a few screenshots of LogRhythm and LOGbinder working better together: