LOGbinder eliminates blind spots in security intelligence for endpoints and applications.

The Battle Starts at the Endpoint

Every endpoint is an entry point. Every endpoint is a target.

If you aren't watching what's happening on your endpoints second-to-second you will get hit. More often and harder.

Failing to monitor every endpoint means lost opportunities for early detection. You will still learn about the attack but probably months and millions of dollars later.

Exotic and advanced endpoint security technologies with resource heavy agents and expert requirements are powerful. But there's something else you can do right now. Get visibility into what's happening on your endpoints - all of them. Using the technology already built into Windows.

Learn more about Windows Event Collection and how Supercharger unleashes this powerful technology.

Active Directory Shouldn't Be a Black Box

Everyone needs to know when security significant changes in Active Directory happen; now everyone can with our free solution based on Supercharger and our Splunk App for LOGbinder.

Application Security Intelligence is the next frontier in security analytics.

After all, the information that attackers want and that compliance regulations try to protect resides in applications like SharePoint, SQL Server and Exchange.

Point Solutions are Silos

There are plenty of point solutions that do a terrific job of showing what’s happening inside a given application to that application's team.

But what about your security operations center? Each application is just that – one application, one slice of enterprise activity. Application monitoring point solution are silos. Security analysts need enterprise-wide visibility of everything happening in your network: each location, each application and every layer of the stack.

Application Activity Belongs in Your SIEM

At LOGbinder we aren’t interested in re-inventing the wheel. Our founder, Randy Franklin Smith, recognized a critical gap between application audit logs and SIEMs: While a growing number of applications have native audit capabilities, the audit logs tend to be trapped within the application - inaccessible through normal log collection means and vulnerable to tampering by privileged users and attackers.

This gap creates a blind spot in your security intelligence.

Bridge the Gap

Our mission is to bridge that gap, to bridge it securely and efficiently – and nothing else. We take great pride in that our software is a bit boring. Using the most efficient, non-intrusive means possible, LOGbinder:

  1. Gets security events out of each application’s native audit facility
  2. Decodes and translates them into easy-to-understand messages
  3. Sends them to your SIEM / Big Data platform using the best method for the target technology

But we don’t stop there. We actively work with security vendors to build intelligence about LOGbinder events into your SIEM so that you can understand what’s happening in that application and correlate it to related events in your network.