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Latest version of Supercharger brings 50+ updates

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 10:54:34 GMT

Towards the end of 2020 and in to 2021 something big has been happening with Windows Security.  Over the past few months, the interest in Windows Event Collection (WEC) has exploded exponentially.  Our sales team has reported that the number of inquires, quotes and sales has gone through the roof.  The feedback we have been receiving about Supercharger for WEC is proof that so many organizations out there are focusing on getting event logs from all endpoints (servers/workstations) into the SIEM.  Over the years we have taken pride in our Supercharger software but today we have reason to really stand tall and puff out our chest.

Our latest version of Supercharger, 21.3.16, is being released.  It contains over 50 different enhancements and bug fixes.  Here are just a few:

  • Supercharged performance enhancements - some customers have previously expressed concerns about the load times in Supercharger, especially those with 100,000's of endpoints and 100's of subscriptions.  The improvements in our latest version speed up operations in Supercharger from smaller 1,000+ machine environments to enterprise size implementations.  From modifying the way Supercharger retrieves data from its database to tweaking things as small as license keys being applied you will see drastic improvements in load times across the board.
  • Improvements to multi domain implementations
  • Improvements to the look and feel of Superchargers application logging
  • Our Security Log Wizard is back by popular demand
  • Event log performance monitoring

Rather than bore you with a long list of everything we've done we invite you to download (or upgrade if you are an existing user) the latest version and test it out.  If you're new to Supercharger, here are some answers to a few common questions:

  • What special permissions are needed to run Supercharger?  None.  As a security focused company, we take pride in creating least privilege security applications.
  • How do I setup a POC or test Supercharger?  Download and install it fully functional for 30 days.  After installation follow the step-by-step Getting Started Guide in Superchargers dashboard to setup WEC properly.  As always, if you need more than 30 days just let our sales team know.
  • How much does Supercharger cost?  As quantities increase, price per forwarder decreases.  To get exact pricing just input your total amount of forwarders on our quote page.
  • What if I need help?  For presales tech support you can reach out to our highly technical sales team.  If you have an existing support contract you can open a support request in our Support Portal.

Download Supercharger today and see just how easy a huge implementation of WEC can be.  Just imagine having all of your Windows endpoints send event logs to a collector in under 15 minutes.  With Supercharger we've made the impossible possible. 

Over the past few months, we've been listening to you.  Most of the enhancements and bug fixes in our latest releases are because of you.  The feedback and suggestions on our forum and support portal have helped us continue to improve our products.  So thank you very much!

If you are already a licensed user of our products and have a current support contract, then upgrading is easy.  Just find the product you need to upgrade on our download page.  Download the installer you need and just install on top of your current installation.  You will most likely need to request an updated product key at support.logbinder.com.  If you are upgrading Supercharger you just need to upgrade the manager.  All the collectors will upgrade themselves.

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to your feedback.

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