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Supercharger 22.8.2 Adds Cross Domain Forwarding

Fri, 26 Aug 2022 19:00:48 GMT
One of the things we value the most at LOGbinder is customer feedback.  We are fortunate to have some very large customers that are willing to work very closely with us.  In our many conversations with our customers there has been a much requested feature; cross domain forwarding.  We are happy to announce today that as of version 22.8.2, Supercharger now includes cross domain forwarding. Let's answer a few questions:

What is it?  How does it work in Supercharger? What to expect when you upgrade a current installation?

What is cross domain forwarding?

When we talk about cross domain forwarding we are referring to using a WEC subscription to collect events from endpoints that reside in multiple domains.  

How does it work in Supercharger?

In Supercharger, after clicking on a domain, you will now see a tab named "Trust".  This tab lists the trust relationships that are discovered in Active Directory.  To enable cross domain forwarding between domains click on the "Enable" button next to the trust you want to work with.  There may be multiple domains listed but you only need to enable trusts for the domains you want to forward events between.

By enabling a trust you are ensuring that Supercharger properly synchronizes computers in the trusted domain so that forwarder analysis and load balancing can find forwarders in the trusted domain.  This allows the health features of Supercharger to work properly across domains.

Once enabled you will be able to select these domains when creating cohort elements on Load Balancers.  As you can see in the screenshot below we can create cohorts from both domains we have trusts enabled in. 

Just to be clear, cross domain forwarding means we can have endpoints from multiple domains.  It does not mean that we can have forwarders from domains sending events to WEC collectors from various domains.  The collectors on the Load Balancer will be from one domain.

What to expect when you upgrade a current installation?

You can download the latest version from here. Run the installer on your current Supercharger Manager.  All existing Supercharger collectors will upgrade themselves automatically.  If you have any existing trusts in any domains that exist in Supercharger these will be listed on the "Trusts" tab.

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