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The State of Application Security

Mon, 24 Aug 2015 11:12:18 GMT

In a recent poll of more than a hundred security analysts and database admins, 80% said their organization put equal or greater emphasis on network and OS auditing than on database security audits. (35% said database monitoring was less important than network or OS audits.) This seems inverse of what it should be.

It would be so awesome if organizations would simply prioritize their audits to the applications where all the sensitive information is stored.

Help us get the word out! It’s not hard to get application security intelligence to the SIEM where it belongs. The right tools make it dead simple:

  1. Choose the relevant LOGbinder application(s), install and configure in minutes, and
  2. Start watching the security events roll in to the SIEM console.

Organizations that don’t have a SIEM need to add a preliminary step and pick the SIEM that has LOGbinder integration already built-in

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