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October 2016 LOGbinder Newsletter: New version of LOGbinder for SharePoint

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 14:05:41 GMT

One of our team members was recently reminiscing about a past IT career and how at their organization SharePoint was a document storage facility hosting timesheets, resumes and the weeks’ cafeteria menu.  Years later, SharePoint has become a widely-used workflow platform for critical business processes and a clearing house for sensitive unstructured data.

Over the years, as we have had more interactions with our customers and audience, we have become convinced that SharePoint security auditing is a requirement for the millions of SharePoint customers around the world.  It seems that on a monthly and weekly basis we are hearing reports of more information leaks and data thefts.  You need the ability to open up closed applications like SharePoint and Exchange and see who’s doing what.

In May 2016 Microsoft released SharePoint 2016 but due to a bug in their Exchange 2016 release, we wanted to make sure that we performed very extensive testing of SharePoint auditing to make sure we didn’t discover any bugs there too.  We also performed very stringent testing of LOGbinder for SharePoint to make sure that our software continues to meet and exceed our internal standards.

What is new in LOGbinder for SharePoint 2016?

  1. Support for SharePoint 2016 On-Premises
  2. New installer – Our new installer automates some of the prerequisites required during the installation process.  Installation time is now just a couple of minutes.
  3. Improved service resilience – A few customers have reported to us that from time to time the LOGbinder service is stopped.  The detailed service logs showed that delays between SharePoint and the farms’ SQL Server were causing timeouts. These timeouts were being reported by SharePoint and were long enough to negatively impact the LOGbinder service.  Now the LOGbinder service will handle these interruptions with less impact.
  4. Weird username prefixes removal – Some customers were wondering why they are seeing weird characters prefixing usernames in the logs.  You can find more info about it here.  We have included an option to remove the claim type characters from the data.
  5. Site collection selection – Managing a handful of site collections is easy.  Some customers though have thousands and thousands of site collections being monitor.  Now you can use CTRL-A to select all site collections in the LOGbinder input.

These are just a few of the improvements in this release of LOGbinder for SharePoint.

Customers with current support and maintenance contracts can access the latest version at the link below.  To upgrade to the latest version just run the installer on top of the previous version.  No data or settings will be lost. Please note you will need to request a new license key for this version.  You can do so by clicking on File in the LOGbinder Control Panel, then License and send the license information to licensing@logbinder.com.

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