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Keep your SIEM’s application audit rules & alerts up-to-date

Mon, 28 Dec 2015 11:34:46 GMT

All three of our applications posted updates in 2015 that included new event IDs. These updates with their new event ID collection don’t take place in a vacuum. Make sure your SIEM knows about the new events and what their impact may be on your use-case(s). For example, the latest Exchange compatibility release added more than 50 new events – and led us to update our Recommended Reports and Alerts Designs for LOGbinder for Exchange.

Customers with current support and maintenance contracts all got major updates to their Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server audit solutions in 2015. Advances in LOGbinder technology brought reduced performance draw on monitored environments as well as improved speed in delivering critical events to the SIEM.

We keep a log of those updates at https://www.logbinder.com/Support/History. Some of the updates were to address bugs, but most of them introduced performance improvements and new event ID collection.

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