Better Together: McAfee Enterprise Security Manager & LOGbinder

Application security event intelligence is built-in for LOGbinder customers using McAfee ESM

McAfee has partnered with LOGbinder to provide a complete solution for auditing Exchange Server, SharePoint and SQL Server. With McAfee ESM’s built-in integration with LOGbinder’s solutions, it is possible to correlate these applications’ audit data with all the other events monitored by McAfee ESM.

With McAfee ESM fully-integrated with LOGbinder, there is no need to build your own rules and reports for handing application events. The folks at McAfee have already done this for you!

McAfee ESM includes:

  • Built-in integration for LOGbinder for Exchange, LOGbinder for SharePoint and LOGbinder for SQL Server for automatic feeds to four different dashboards
  • Built-in security event intelligence using LOGbinder’s Recommended Rules and Alerts for all LOGbinder products.
  • Advanced threat intelligence.
  • Critical facts in minutes, not hours.
  • Big data capability

The LOGbinder integration built into McAfee ESM make consuming Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server audit feeds a plug-and-play experience. Setup takes minutes.