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We realize you need more than audit events in a log. You need to know how to analyze those events, how to format them into reports, and which events should generate alerts. That's why we provide recommended report and alert specifications to implement in your SIEM solution. (Look in the resources area of each LOGbinder collector on this site.)

But we also realize that having these reports and alerts already implemented in your log management / SIEM is even better and that's why we started the SIEM Synergy Partner program. Through SIEM Synergy we actively approach and engage SIEM vendors to build support for LOGbinder events and analysis into their solutions so that you don't have to.

The companies listed below have integrated one or more LOGbinder collectors into their SIEM/log management solution and have implemented our recommended alerts and reports (or equivalent knowledge engineering as appropriate to their solution). Click on each partner's link below to learn more about their solution and how our partnership makes it easier for you to audit application audit logs processed by LOGbinder.

SIEM Synergy Partners

These valuable partners have built support for LOGbinder into their SIEM solutions.

Integrations by LOGbinder

We have developed integrations for the SIEM solutions listed below.

Other SIEM Solutions

Any SIEM solution that can collect Windows event logs should be able to manage LOGbinder events. While not SIEM Synergy Partners, here are a few other log management solutions we are aware of that our customers use with LOGbinder.

  • Netikus EventSentry
  • Accelops
  • AlienVault

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