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Sustainable Application Security Auditing

Tue, 26 May 2015 14:57:01 GMT

For many organizations, it is just about impossible to stay on top of all the changes that would affect application security audit policy enforcement. For example, how does an organization make sure Exchange mailbox security audit is adjusted on the mailbox of employees whose job changes (such as during a promotion)? Doing it now is hard enough, but what about as the organization grows or merges or acquires organizations? Security analysts generally have no such visibility into those type of HR events when they happen, if ever. It’s a killer problem. And that’s just for Exchange. Don’t get your people started talking about SharePoint!

Your application security event collection solution must be able to dynamically grow and change with your organization. No solution on earth is a true problem solver if it can’t keep up with the organization, if it can’t enforce the proper audit policy – on the precise object, at the appropriate time – without manual interventions.

LOGbinder software delivers sustainable application security auditing. We make automatic audit policy enforcement possible by site collection in SharePoint and by OU or group in Exchange. LOGbinder brings far greater value to organizations because it has automatic audit policy simply built-in. But more than that, we make it feasible for organizations of any size (who have a SIEM) to solve the huge complexities of security auditing of Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server – simply, easily, and affordably. And our innovations continue to advance.

Drop us a line to start your own dialog about an application security intelligence solution for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Windows Event Forwarding.

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