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Application security audit use-cases often demand middleware

Tue, 26 May 2015 14:57:15 GMT

No SIEM can deliver the security event data from Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server without middleware. It’s not the SIEM’s job to address the complexities involved in collecting and translating that event data. It’s certainly not the SIEM’s fault that it needs LOGbinder to bridge the gap between the applications and a log management solution.

Some security analysts tell us that while monitoring the security events from inside the application is vital, they don’t include middleware in the initial budget because they didn’t know it was needed! This is not good. The word still needs to get around. Include LOGbinder in the initial scope when evaluating a SIEM. See here for the list of SIEMs integrated with LOGbinder software.

We hear from security analysts just about every day, from countries all over the globe. Most have found LOGbinder to be, not merely the only solution for solving their huge application security log delivery problem, but a welcomed source of added value to the mundane application security audit collection process. The cost savings associated with manual application security audit inspections and the risk mitigation more than cover the expense.

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