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We need your help!

Tue, 26 May 2015 14:57:26 GMT

Microsoft recently announced huge new advances in their upcoming Office 2016 products, both for cloud and on-premise versions. With these announcements came an invitation to participate in one of their software previews. The new features may allow us to deliver even better solutions for LOGbinder customers, particularly those who have (or are considering) hybrid installations of Microsoft’s enterprise software.

We want to get access to these new features immediately and could use your help to do so. Microsoft will give priority to those developers whose customers raise awareness. Therefore, it would a great help to us if you could submit your name in support of LOGbinder to receive admission into the Office 365 Management API Preview. If you want to help us out, look for the field “If you are a customer, which ISV partner are you working with?” We would really appreciate the support! The last time we asked for this kind of help it really got Microsoft’s attention. We’re listed in their system by our parent company name Monterey Technology Group, Inc. who is behind LOGbinder software. Thanks in advance!

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