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LOGbinder releases updates to Exchange & SharePoint solutions

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 15:30:43 GMT

Summary: New updates offer substantial performance improvements. Customers with Maintenance contracts received notice of availability at no additional cost.

LOGbinder™ announces significant upgrades for two of its application security intelligence solutions for SIEM, LOGbinder SP 5.0 and LOGbinder EX 2.5. The updates bring performance improvements most beneficial to large enterprise environments.

Both versions benefitted from an extensive Enterprise Preview program LOGbinder instituted earlier this year. “Our enterprise customers who’ve installed the pre-release versions have been very pleased with the new performance improvements,” said Randy Franklin Smith, CEO of Monterey Tech Group, Inc., the parent company of LOGbinder Software. “In enterprise scale scenarios it is very challenging to keep Exchange and SharePoint audit data moving so that it reaches your SIEM as close to real-time as possible.  Our development team has crafted enterprise-class software that, with proprietary caching, multi-threading and asynchronous scheduling, does the right thing at the right time, which we have found to be of critical importance in large monitored environments.”

Both new versions of LOGbinder EX and LOGbinder SP have built-in protection against bogging down production environments when installing for the first time and trying to process a potentially massive backlog of events.  In addition:

  • LOGbinder EX™ 2.5, the solution for getting Exchange Server security intelligence to SIEM, adds greatly enhanced technology to improve audit log query intelligence. It also improves mail handling if Exchange’s audit result comes back with errors.

  • LOGbinder SP™ 5.0, the solution for getting SharePoint security intelligence to SIEM, introduces new technology to better handle large numbers of site collections, both in application start-up and in managing the automatic audit policy configurations. In addition, customers are now able to make their own ad-hoc application performance tweaks by adjusting query levels.

With these updates LOGbinder continues its practice of releasing major updates for its technology at least once a year. The last round of major updates released September 2013 included full compatibility with Microsoft’s most recent versions of Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. Minor updates have been released throughout the year.

How customers can get the updates

Customers with current maintenance & support agreements receive their upgrade at no cost. Emails were sent to the technical contact on file. Information is also available via the Summer 2014 Updates page.

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