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What Microsoft Means by “Legacy audit”

Mon, 07 Dec 2015 17:02:22 GMT

Some of you may be seeing a new word crop up in recent Microsoft communications about its applications’ audit: “legacy”. This word is now distributed liberally in TechNet articles. What does it mean? In Microsoft terminology, and in the context of their just-released public and beta versions of their applications’ security audit, it means “current” or “existing”.

A new audit, called “Unified Audit Logging” or UAL, is expected to be introduced by Microsoft later in 2016. UAL will replace the current audit function (or at least be released in tandem), which is why the word “legacy” has started to show up in recent communications from the people in Redmond.

LOGbinder supports Microsoft’s “legacy” audit and, we can assure you we are on the bleeding edge of development for improved and meaningful SIEM security audit solutions—including the coming Unified Audit Log.


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