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Release of LOGbinder 1.2

Wed, 31 Mar 2010 08:58:00 GMT
LOGbinder SP 1.2 has been released, and it is available on the www.logbinder.com site. We recommend that all users update to the latest version.

What is new? We streamlined the requirements for LOGbinder, including a checklist in the installer so you can ensure the necessary permissions are granted. The LOGbinder agent no longer requires administrator privileges. This account needs these permissions:
  • SharePoint Farm Administrator
  • Administrator on each SharePoint site collection
  • Read/write access to the common application data folder in Windows
  • Rights to log on as a Windows service
For the account you use to configure LOGbinder, we recommend that account has local administrator access, though this is not strictly required. In addition, this account needs to be a SharePoint Farm Administrator.

Feedback we have received indicates that some of you have struggled to get LOGbinder working properly in your environment. While this is to be expected to some extent with this type of software, we have endeavored to make it easier to understand:
  • The status bar in LOGbinder Configurator shows the 'live' status of the LOGbinder service
  • If the LOGbinder service fails to start, the errors from the application event log are shown in the window so that the missing privilege can be seen more readily
  • Continued improvement to give more meaningful feedback if LOGbinder cannot run
We also disabled the option to output to the Windows Security log in the trial version. Assigning permissions to write to the security log requires additional steps; Microsoft has done this by design to ensure the integrity of the security log. However, to evaluate LOGbinder SP and to see how it adds value to the SharePoint audit, you have the option to use the custom LOGbinder SP event log, which automatically shows up in Event Viewer. The structure and format of events is exactly the same as the security log. Sending the output to the security log, with its added protection, becomes more useful as you start using LOGbinder in production. The option to output to the Windows Security log will continue to be available in all editions of LOGbinder SP.
One more item to mention: we have an additional option for you to obtain technical support for LOGbinder SP, you may send an email to support@logbinder.com. We will endeavor to handle to handle your support questions promptly. For sales issues, continue to submit these via the web site (http://www.logbinder.com/Form/Ask). We look forward to hearing from you.
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