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02-02-2023   Protecting Against Today's Latest Hacks


08-27-2022   Supercharger 22.8.2 Adds Cross Domain Forwarding


12-15-2021   Log4J Java Library Vulnerability

04-15-2021   Latest version of Supercharger brings 50+ updates


09-04-2020   Today we revolutionize using Windows Event Collection at scale


12-10-2019   All LOGbinder products updated

10-31-2019   How to analyze where events are coming from and how many

06-01-2019   Kerbpurge - Group memebership without a reboot


12-08-2018   Least Privilege Workaround for SQL DB Access

08-15-2018   Support for Exchange 2016 Auditing; New Features in LOGbinder for SQL Server


11-22-2017   Using Site-linked GPOs for Targeting Windows Event Collectors Prevents Forwarder Health Analysis

08-28-2017   In-depth How To's for Windows Event Collection

06-21-2017   Randy releases two new "How-To" Videos
06-14-2017   Supercharger Free Edition is Now Available
06-02-2017   How to Monitor Active Directory Changes for Free: Using Splunk Free, Supercharger Free and the New Splunk App for LOGbinder

02-27-2017   Supercharger for Windows Event Collection Now Available – Save 50% on Enterprise Edition
02-02-2017   A new tool for unleashing the power of native Windows Event Collection arrives February 23
02-01-2017   Exchange Cumulative Update breaks auditing


12-23-2016   December 2016 LOGbinder Newsletter: New version of LOGbinder for SQL Server

10-31-2016   October 2016 LOGbinder Newsletter: New version of LOGbinder for SharePoint

07-13-2016   LOGbinder for Exchange 3.3.5 Released
07-06-2016   LOGbinder for SharePoint Restricted Lookups Option

03-28-2016   LOGbinder licenses survive SIEM migrations
03-28-2016   McAfee ESM, Logsign provide LOGbinder integrations

02-22-2016   Tech Tip: .NET framework update incompatible with Exchange Server
02-22-2016   Tech Tip: Diagnostic logs – Use them and let them go
02-22-2016   Monitoring Authentication and Logon Failures in SQL Server
02-22-2016   Audit log truncation and audit integrity

01-25-2016   FIPS Mode and LOGbinder software
01-25-2016   Sensitive Information is an Asset Item to Monitor
01-25-2016   Application Audit Can Shorten Intrusion Detection Timeline


12-28-2015   SIEMs that can protect you best offer LOGbinder integration
12-28-2015   Keep your SIEM’s application audit rules & alerts up-to-date
12-14-2015   The 24-hour Bug in Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Auditing
12-07-2015   Recently exposed Exchange mailbox audit bug and what can be done to overcome it
12-07-2015   LOGbinder for Exchange 3.1 released
12-07-2015   LOGbinder troubleshooting tip: Use the Diagnostic Logs
12-07-2015   What Microsoft Means by “Legacy audit”

10-19-2015   Technical Note: No “Send-As” audit events in Exchange Server 2013
10-19-2015   Getting SIEM-ready for cloud and on premise security audit
10-19-2015   Exchange Server 2016: “Forged in the cloud” and released for public availability
10-19-2015   LOGbinder’s formatted output is an unsung hero

09-21-2015   Making SIEM better by focusing on the top 3 blind spots

08-24-2015   Meet Randy at HP Protect 2015 and learn about our new products
08-24-2015   The State of Application Security
08-24-2015   SQL Server auditing tutorial with Q&A

07-27-2015   LOGbinder use case (Simplified edition)
07-27-2015   New technical updates posted and available for customers with current maintenance and support contracts
07-27-2015   Exchange auditing: a look back and a look ahead

06-22-2015   Webinar: Using Splunk and LOGbinder to Monitor SQL Server, SharePoint & Exchange
06-22-2015   “Run as Administrator” may be needed to initialize LOGbinder for SharePoint
06-22-2015   Versions of .NET and LOGbinder for Exchange Server
06-22-2015   Splunk App for LOGbinder

05-26-2015   We need your help!
05-26-2015   Application security audit use-cases often demand middleware
05-26-2015   Sustainable Application Security Auditing

04-24-2015   SuperCharger for Windows Event Forwarding and LOGbinder updates

03-20-2015   Syslog TCP survey and the Public Beta Program

02-20-2015   LOGbinder News – February 2015

01-24-2015   LOGbinder News – January 2015


12-20-2014   December 2014 LOGbinder Newsletter: QRadar fully supports Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server audit; Tech resources for security analysts

11-25-2014   November 2014 LOGbinder Newsletter: Windows Event Collection and your SIEM; 2 Tech Tips for security analysts

10-30-2014   October 2014 LOGbinder Newsletter: Feedback Makes Customer Happy; New SIEM integrations

09-25-2014   Comparison: SQL Server Audit vs. SQL Trace Audit for security analysts

08-22-2014   LOGbinder releases updates to Exchange & SharePoint solutions

07-07-2014   LOGbinder and SolarWinds LEM featured in Randy's blog

03-17-2014   New Syslog Features in LOGbinder SP 4.0.5

02-12-2014   Dealing with large amount of audit backlog when first starting LOGbinder EX


11-23-2013   SQL Server Audit Support in Different Editions and Versions

10-10-2013   LOGbinder SP use of SQL Privileges
10-02-2013   Audit Myth Busters: SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange

09-03-2013   LOGbinder SP 4.0 & Memory Use

07-11-2013   Changing the Exchange audit search poll interval

03-14-2013   LOGbinder 3.6 released!
03-05-2013   ArcSight Connector for Exchange PowerShell and LOGbinder EX
03-05-2013   ArcSight Connector for SQL Server Audit and LOGbinder SQL
03-05-2013   New Whitepaper: Top 6 Security Events to Audit in SharePoint

02-18-2013   LOGbinder EX for Exchange Released: Bridge the Gap between Exchange and Your SIEM


12-14-2012   Workaround if LOGbinder SP is having SQL database issues
12-14-2012   How does LOGbinder SP detect log tampering?

11-24-2012   New Whitepaper by Randy Franklin Smith "Comparing SharePoint's 4 Audit Logs for Security and SIEM Integration"
11-20-2012   You want to run audit reports in SharePoint but LOGbinder SP purges the audit log
11-16-2012   Whitepaper: Comparing Exchange Server's™ 3 Audit Logs for Security and SIEM Integration
11-06-2012   New Whitepaper: SharePoint Audit Logging with HP ArcSight and LOGbinder SP

10-11-2012   New Whitepaper by Randy Franklin Smith: "Exchange Audit Logging with HP ArcSight and LOGbinder"

09-21-2012   SIEM Synergy Partner Program
09-11-2012   LOGbinder EX is now in beta!

08-21-2012   Can't connect to SQL database WSS_Content?

07-02-2012   LOGbinder SP 3.1 released today!

05-01-2012   LOGbinder SQL Released!

04-06-2012   Recommended Alerts and Reports for SharePoint (LOGbinder SP) Updated

03-06-2012   Release of LOGbinder SP 3.0


12-12-2011   Bulletin: LOGbinder SP Events 27 & 28

11-22-2011   Why There's No Event for List Item Views
11-15-2011   Need help configuring SQL Server 2008 Audit Policy?
11-01-2011   LOGbinder SQL Beta is released! Join beta testers now

09-01-2011   Release of LOGbinder SP 2.1.7

06-27-2011   Recovery options for LOGbinder service
06-23-2011   How to Audit an Individual Library or List in SharePoint

02-23-2011   Release of LOGbinder SP 2.1


09-02-2010   Release of LOGbinder SP 2.0

06-26-2010   LOGbinder SP for SharePoint 2010

05-23-2010   New update for LOGbinder SP
05-05-2010   LOGbinder SP Licensing Reduced through June 30

03-31-2010   Release of LOGbinder 1.2
03-08-2010   LOGbinder 1.1 Update

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