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McAfee ESM, Logsign provide LOGbinder integrations

Mon, 28 Mar 2016 11:32:43 GMT

Few things are more important to organizations than monitoring what’s happening to its sensitive information. You should expect a SIEM solution to make it easy for customers to do that and stay up-to-date with that ability.

While most of our readers are familiar with the major SIEM players who work with LOGbinder, many periodically review their SIEM, and still others are looking to deploy one that suits their need.

This week we heard from 2 SIEM product development teams who recently put a lot of work into improving their product to address customers’ application audit needs.

  • Intel Security’s McAfee ESM just updated their integration for all 3 LOGbinder solutions. McAfee ESM customers now have seamless access to the security events LOGbinder collects from Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. Get more information on the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager web page or download their SIEM Data Source Configuration for LOGbinder (18 March 2016 version).
  • Logsign, a SIEM solution based in Turkey, has developed an integration with LOGbinder for SQL Server. They report tremendous customer interest in SQL Server audit logging and recognized LOGbinder’s solution as the best fit. We’re happy to welcome Logsign to our list of SIEM Synergy partners! Read more about Logsign at www.logsign.com.

Please recognize McAfee ESM and Logsign for giving priority to application security audit with LOGbinder integration! We really appreciate the effort, but more important, their customers’ threat intelligence just got better.

There are of course other SIEM providers who put effort into offering their customers LOGbinder integration. Randy Franklin Smith from Ultimate Windows Security has compiled a list of the log management solutions that make it simple and painless to consume Exchange, SharePoint and/or SQL Server audit logs. You can browse his list here: https://www.ultimatewindowssecurity.com/recommended-SIEMs/Default.aspx. Note: the SIEMs who proactively built their own LOGbinder integrations are at the top of the list.

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