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Release of LOGbinder SP 2.1

Wed, 23 Feb 2011 02:58:53 GMT
We would like to announce the release LOGbinder SP Version 2.1. We invite you to download a trial copy or update to this latest version. Here's what you need to know about 2.1:
64 and 32 bit Support
The first thing you will notice when you download is that there is now a 64-bit version of LOGbinder, both versions are included in the download package. Primarily we created the 64-edition for SharePoint 2010, but if you are running SharePoint 2007 on a 64-bit operating system, you may also use the 64-bit version. If you have any questions about which version to use in your environment, or if you run into any issues, please free to write to us at support@logbinder.com. Also see next point.

New Uninstaller Utility (very important if going from 32 to 64 bit)
We have also included in the install package an Uninstaller, which uninstalls LOGbinder more thoroughly than the Windows Control Panel component. Especially if you are switching from a 32-bit to 64-bit version of LOGbinder, you will want to use the Uninstaller.

Initial Processing Improvements
A significant enhancement has to do with how LOGbinder initially processes a SharePoint site collection. Many of you have reported that your SharePoint audit table contains many thousands, even millions, of logs. Some, after waiting for a few hours, turned off LOGbinder thinking that there must be something wrong. For others, it resulted in SharePoint throwing an "out of memory" error. We have changed the way LOGbinder handles the initial processing so that you begin seeing results right away and avoid errors. After the initial processing of a site collection is done, LOGbinder will continue to process events quickly, usually within a minute after the audit event is generated.

Reduced Application Log Messages
Based on customer feedback, in the menu File\Options we have added the ability to disable writing informational messages to the Application event log. By checking "Write only warning and error messages to Application log" you will disable writing the information messages "LOGbinder exported n entries from SharePoint" or "LOGbinder imported n entries to the Security log." Any warnings or errors will continue to be written if the option is enabled.

Fix: String cannot exceed length of 32766
One error that has been addressed: some were receiving a "string cannot exceed length of 32766" error message. For some "SharePoint object structure changed" (#23) events, SharePoint includes extremely large amounts of information. When LOGbinder 2.1 encounters this, it will truncate this data and send a warning to the Application log.

Continued Improvements to Error Reporting
Based on your feedback, we have continued to improve LOGbinder's reporting of warnings and errors to indicate the true source of the issue. Because LOGbinder relies heavily on the SharePoint platform, at times an error in SharePoint will 'bubble up' and generate an error in LOGbinder. As we all experience, sometimes the error message received has little to do with the actual problem. For each problem you submit, whether the problem was caused by SharePoint or LOGbinder, we evaluate whether we can improve how LOGbinder reports the issue so that you can quickly understand what needs to be done to address it. Version 2.1 contains some nice improvements in this area.

Finally, we have restructured our support site, at http://www.logbinder.com/support. A Getting Started Guide has been prepared in document form, which you can download or print. In addition, the Forum has been restructured to better meet your needs. If you need assistance, you may continue to open a support ticket by writing to support@logbinder.com.

Please visit our web site, www.logbinder.com, for more information and to download a copy.


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