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Exchange auditing: a look back and a look ahead

Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:43:08 GMT

A year ago we announced an update to LOGbinder for Exchange that removed Exchange System Administrators’ final obstacle to security auditing. It was a seminal moment for security analysts everywhere-- no joke. Our version 2.5 removed the threat of Exchange server’s backlogged audit files and introduced vastly superior audit log query intelligence. Those 2 big-time challenges were causing headaches all over the world. Exchange servers in organizations whose brand you would immediately recognize were on their knees just from a tentative attempt of an audit.

Now security analysts can deploy Exchange auditing using LOGbinder with confidence that the sys admins aren’t going to get a strong case of (warranted) heart-burn.

It is important to look back every so often for it serves as a reminder of how fast and how far application security intelligence has come.

Since that milestone release, we introduced another huge advancement with version 3.0: automatic mailbox audit policy configuration by Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU) or Group.

Last week Microsoft released the Exchange Server 2016 public preview and within hours we ran tests against it in our labs and initial results look good. So it looks like an upcoming release for compatibility with the newest version of Exchange server is on-track!

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