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New technical updates posted and available for customers with current maintenance and support contracts

Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:43:27 GMT

Within the last few weeks we posted new versions of our software containing features and improvements to all 3 of our applications. Two major features will bring immediate performance benefits:

  1. Split Syslog output if over 100mb. Prior to this update, LOGbinder started a new Syslog output every day (with the file named appropriately), but some organizations’ audit activities would generate more than 1GB of data in a day. This large output file size caused problems. So, we updated all 3 of our applications to create a new file after every 100mb of output and creating a file name suited to this new schema.

  2. Streamlined internal audit request and delivery process. To protect the monitored application’s performance and stability, LOGbinder carefully manages the process by which it requests audit log data. Persistent audit log demands can cause harm to the application. We have released an update to all 3 of our products that adds further refinement to the audit request technology by improving the calculated times for audit request and processing. The net effect is reduced resource demand on the monitored application while maintaining delivery speed and audit integrity.

The new updates are available via the website’s download resource page. Customers with current support and maintenance contracts may download and apply these new updates at no additional charge.


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