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Monitoring Authentication and Logon Failures in SQL Server

Mon, 22 Feb 2016 09:46:04 GMT

Many attackers would trade domain authority for the real honey pot: read-access to your SQL Server databases. So how should you monitor authentication and/or logon failures to these sensitive information stores?

LOGbinder is sponsoring a free webinar to show you how to track these events, even if the attacker successfully authenticates via a stolen domain account but lacks access to the database.

This type of hands-on instruction is too important to miss. Registration is free and, as with all of the webinars from Ultimate Windows Security, registration will give you access to the recorded version so you can watch the presentation at a more convenient time.

To see attacks happening to your databases, you cannot rely simply on your domain controllers’ and Windows server security logs to monitor your SQL Server database(s). You must monitor events produced only by SQL Server itself.

In this webinar you will learn how to effectively do that – quickly and simply. Click here to read the webinar abstract and registration link.

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