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Sensitive Information is an Asset Item to Monitor

Mon, 25 Jan 2016 14:21:36 GMT

We’ve said this before, but in light of the recent spate of data breaches it bears repeating:

  1. Your sensitive information is an asset more valuable than many listed on the balance sheet. It’s so valuable that the accountants can’t figure out how to put a dollar figure on it (which explains its absence from the balance sheet). But lose that information to the outside world and the value of the assets and equity on the balance sheet soon drop off a cliff.
  2. Valuable assets must be monitored. Tell the C-Suite people: If your SIEM doesn’t have LOGbinder delivering critical audit logs from the enterprise applications, your organization is failing to monitor its most critical assets.

Chief Financial Officer’s make a lot of money managing the balance sheet. They and the rest of the C-suite have a vested interest in giving you the resources you need to monitor and protect one of the biggest assets there is that also happens to be off their radar (because it’s missing from the balance sheet).

So tell them you need LOGbinder to protect their big asset. :-)

A simple solution to a complex problem can be up-and-running in minutes.

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