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Splunk App for LOGbinder

Mon, 22 Jun 2015 17:49:29 GMT

Security analysts all over the world are adding Splunk to their log management tool kit. We are therefore very happy to announce the public availability of our newest tool, needed by Splunk customers all over the world. We call it the Splunk App for LOGbinder. We developed this app ourselves to meet our high standard:

  • It’s light-weight, simple to install, configure and run.
  • We built it to consume and analyze feeds from every one of our current LOGbinder products right out of the box. That means that you can use the Splunk App for LOGbinder and see, automatically on 4 different dashboards, security audit log output from LOGbinder for Exchange, LOGbinder for SharePoint and LOGbinder for SQL Server.
  • It has our Recommended Rules and Alerts intelligence for Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server built-in so you can quickly isolate the meaningful events, or select from the entire list and even create your own set of custom event dashboard.
  • Workflow action hyperlinks to a description of each Event ID via the Ultimate Windows Security Online Encyclopedia.
  • Field extractions from the raw syslog
  • Pre-set and customizable alerts

The app is free! You can get it from our LOGbinder and Splunk Partner page

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