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LOGbinder News – January 2015

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 10:39:35 GMT

We closed out 2014 as another record year in terms of sales and product updates, but took no time to relax. New releases are just around the corner, and some new products are also in the works. We are very excited about 2015 and look forward to delivering more powerful and important solutions to your organization.

Webinar Training: Mailbox auditing with Exchange

Management is increasingly concerned about who is accessing other people’s mailboxes – especially those belonging to key executives. Exchange provides mailbox auditing that allows you to track particular events – which is great – but there's no way to manage audit policy at the group or OU level native to Exchange. So how do you ensure auditing is enabled consistently and thoroughly on all desired mailboxes for the correct people and actions?

LOGbinder is sponsoring an Ultimate Windows Security webinar specifically to address that challenge. Randy Franklin Smith will explain how mailbox auditing works and show examples of audit reports you can get from Exchange. He will also show you how to configure audit policy with Set-Mailbox. You will also learn about different methods for ensuring audit policy configuration such as:

  • Making mailbox audit policy configuration part of the new user provisioning process
  • How to handle issues like job changes and transfers that could affect audit policy
  • How to catch inappropriate changes to mailbox audit policy
  • Running a daily script to check and configure audit policy on all mailboxes

Since LOGbinder is sponsoring this Real Training For Free® webinar, Randy will briefly show you how LOGbinder automatically manages mailbox audit policy based on rules you can define at the OU or group level as well as how LOGbinder pulls cryptic mailbox audit events from Exchange and feeds them to your SIEM for correlation with the rest of your security logs.

Register for Managing Mailbox Audit Policy in Exchange 2013. Produced by Randy Franklin Smith's Ultimate Windows Security, the live event will be on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST (GMT -5:00). Can’t make the live event? Register anyway to get a link to the recorded version (which includes the Q&A content).

Registration link: https://www.ultimatewindowssecurity.com/webinars/register.aspx?id=293&source=sp

LOGbinder Version History

You can now see the features added to each new version of LOGbinder. Some customers requested a version history to ensure they were running the most recent version and to make sure they fully utilized new features. You can access this information for all LOGbinder software via the Resources page, or click here to jump directly to it.

A Look Ahead

Very soon we plan to release some significant updates to our software, particularly the Exchange and SQL Server solutions. (Recall that last year’s LOGbinder SP 5.0 release was an epic one.) In addition to the new mailbox auditing feature, a new application to monitor cloud-based Exchange is near completion. SQL Server 2014 compatibility is also in development. Plus we have something exciting in development to make it easy to deploy multiple LOGbinder products.

But we also have some very cool, totally new application security software in development, to add to the Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server applications. If you read this newsletter you may have already picked up some clues, but there is one product we hope to announce that will blow your socks off.

We plan to release all of these enhancements and offerings during 2015!

2015 Events – Which ones will you attend?

One of the things we really like doing is meeting security analysts face-to-face. We plan to attend security events this year, but haven’t decided which ones are the best. It’s surprisingly hard to find events that specifically focus on security. How do you rank the upcoming events, and which ones do you plan to attend this year? Drop Zack a line to let him know. He’d love to meet you in person!

Thank you very much for your support. We are very eager to continue working with you on application security intelligence.

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