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Need help configuring SQL Server 2008 Audit Policy?

Tue, 15 Nov 2011 15:40:46 GMT

Introducing:  LOGbinder SQL - SQL Audit Policy Wizard

Our totally free SQL Audit Policy Wizard steps you through the process of implementing SQL Server 2008 auditing. You can use our recommended baseline audit policy or customize it to fit your requirements.

After selecting your SQL Server and fine tune your desired audit policy, SQL Audit Policy Wizard automatically creates the necessary Server Audit and Server Audit Specification objects on your SQL server and optionally enables them so that auditing begins automatically.

You can also see the actual Transact-SQL generated by the wizard for learning purposes or for further customization. SQL Server 2008 Audit Policy Wizard even allows you to modify existing audit objects.

Get the wizard now, for free - no trialware expiration, etc.

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